Work From Home Strategies For 2021 and Beyond

Many organizations are already working on policies to guide the post-pandemic return to the office. Those policies will codify some form of permanent work-from-home rules, and address the unique support that workers need in work-from-home as well as hybrid situations. Assess your organization’s needs from three perspectives: wellness, technology and HR.

You’ll learn:

  • Tactics for keeping remote employees engaged and your organizational culture strong
  • Tech tools for accessible and reliable business communications beyond email and Zoom calls
  • Tips for managing hybrid situations, where some workers are in the office and others are remote or dispersed
  • What’s working and what’s coming next in virtual wellness programs
  • The role of gamification in keeping engagement, productivity, and morale high
  • Proven tips for maximizing and measuring engagement
  • Pilar Morales
    Vice President, People Rewards
    S&P Global
  • Rich Lang
    Vice President, HR Centers of Excellence