Why the Story of Business will be the Business of Story in the 21st Century

PR pros, we’re all storytellers now. With the expected explosion of data and connectivity driven by 5G and the Internet of Things, storytelling is a crucial trend that brand managers must embrace to win attention and market share in an increasingly competitive media landscape. Now is the time to develop and hone your storytelling muscles. In this session, Douglass Hatcher of communicate4IMPACT will share his regimen to help whip your storytelling efforts into shape./li>

  • The neuroscience behind storytelling’s power
  • How to put your audience first—and the perils of navel-gazing and checking the box
  • How to harness one of the most coveted, increasingly scarce commodities: attention
  • Why inspiring consumer action is the ultimate success metric
  • Why storytelling is crucial to consumer experience, innovation and product development
  • Douglass Hatcher