Why Busting Silos with Everyone From HR to PR is Critical for Communicators in The New Business Landscape—and How to Do It

The old boundaries between functions and teams have been obliterated—and collaboration is more critical than ever to ensure your communications campaigns, teams and your organization succeed. Your impact as an internal communicator will depend on how well you’re able to break down silos with your counterparts in other departments and seize opportunities to help each other. Join us for an eye-opening conversation on how you can increase cross-departmental collaboration.

Learn how to:

  • Develop goals and strategies for your culture that are in line with those of your HR department
  • Figure out where barriers to collaboration exist and eliminate them with easy, cost-effective tactics
  • Adopt a “mixternal” approach to communications that strengthens you and your PR department’s efforts
  • Share knowledge more effectively between departments to advance each other’s goals and drive business outcomes
  • Pamela Yoon
    Head of Internal Communications