What’s Next in the Age of TikTok: How to Win Big with Micro Video

TikTok is the clear winner in today’s hustle for virality and younger users. That’s why over 33% of marketers are planning to invest more in short-form video. It’s also why platforms from Instagram (Reels) and YouTube (Shorts) to Pinterest (Idea Pins) are emulating TikTok’s micro-video strategy. Join to see how top brands are embracing shorter, more entertaining videos to stand out, engage and keep audiences watching. You’ll discover:

  • How to get more creative and innovative with your video strategies
  • Simple video-creation steps and hacks to help you leverage the power of micro-video
  • Inspiring TikTok-style videos and how to emulate their successes — even if your organization is more conservative (hint: leading with education and humor works)
  • Crowdsourcing ideas and resources: How to find and work with influencers on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and other channels to bring short-form flair to your channels
  • How to experiment with micro-video platforms and micro-video formats
  • Adu Adu
    Global Head Of Social, Creator & Culture
  • Lexi Herrick
    Director of Audience Development, Social Media and Analytics
    Allure Magazine (Conde Nast)