What Neuroscience Tells Us About Fear-Based Behavior During a Crisis—and How Storytelling Can Keep Your Audience’s Trust

With fears heightened in the aftermath of COVID-19, it’s even more challenging—and critical–for communicators to earn the trust of audiences, from your employees to your top customers.

By tapping into neuroscience findings, you can understand what influences stakeholders and establish your brand as a credible voice in a time when rumors and emotions are at an all-time high. Elizabeth Edwards, founder of Volume PR, will provide storytelling strategies and tactics based on behavioral science laws that you can implement immediately to connect powerfully with audiences.

You’ll learn:

  • Specific rules and tools from new behavioral science research that can help you create more emotionally compelling content
  • How to reach stakeholders how they want to be communicated with, based on how their brains are hardwired to experience and respond to fear
  • What makes a source trustworthy to the human brain—and how to add credibility to your content
  • The difference between the thinking and the breathing brain—and how to take advantage of that difference
  • Elizabeth Edwards
    Founder and president
    Volume PR