Wellbeing and Internal Communications: A Collaborative Revolution

Workplace wellbeing exists at the intersection of the well-being/HR and internal communications departments. Both disciplines experienced tremendous pressures and opportunities throughout the pandemic as they collaborated to support ongoing social justice issues and reinforce the financial stability of employers, while also embracing remote work and addressing an increase in mental health needs. In this can’t-miss session, learn how organizations approach these challenges to ensure the whole is greater than the individual parts. Whether it’s launching timely benefits and programs, or communicating about self-care strategies and well-being, high-performing organizations need effective strategies and collaboration to remain successful in this challenging environment.

You’ll learn:

  • About successes and challenges around the collaboration of well-being and internal communications
  • How well-being and communications experts can effectively partner to achieve results-driven goals
  • Michelle L. Artibee
    Director, Workforce Wellbeing
    Cornell University
  • Michael Waterman
    Vice president of communications and creative services
    CHG Healthcare