Ways to Support and Amplify Your Organization’s Most Important Voices with Employee Ambassadors

People can’t connect to the intangible nature of your company’s brand, but they can connect and build trust with your employees that are involved with building and executing your brand’s strategies. This trust and brand reputation can be shaped and strengthened through authentic and human connections with employee brand ambassadors able to tout your organization’s innovations, products and services along with its vision and culture. Abu Ngauja, Associate Director of Talent + Culture for The Martin Agency, and Katie Walley-Wiegert, Associate Director of Brand Communications for The Martin Agency, will share efforts to connect employees and welcome newcomers beyond computer screens, from approaching virtual meetings, employee storytelling and town halls differently to an interactive game to attract talent. They will also share ways you can support and highlight the people behind your brand, encouraging them to do the same for your organization.

You’ll learn:

  •  Ways to get to know your employees and keep a connected workforce, even with remote staff
  • Practical ideas for infusing your organization’s culture into your social media channels—both internally and externally
  • How employee advocacy can drive website traffic and boost your bottom line—and how to report your success
  • Ways to take risks grounded in your organization’s values and what employees want
  • Abu Ngauja
    Associate Director of Talent and Culture
    The Martin Agency
  • Katie Walley-Wiegert
    Associate Director of Brand Communications
    The Martin Agency