Visual Storytelling: The great brand equalizer

How many articles have you read telling you video and visual storytelling is the single most effective way to grow and retain a loyal audience? Hundreds? THOUSANDS? But you can’t just hit record and expect results. Acquiring and retaining an audience using video takes skill, strategy, timing, creativity, and yes, money. But you don’t have to be a massive corporation with unlimited resources. In this session, you’ll get a crash course on where to start (or how to fix) your video storytelling and why it’s the little details that really endear you to an audience.

Key Highlights:

  • The five key elements that make your video resonate with an audience
  • Formats, timing and trends: social platform best practices
  • Why the trend of full-scale “pivoting to video” will end in brand heartache
  • Justin Allen
    Head of digital and video production
    Ragan Consulting Group