Reach New Audiences: Digital storytelling—change the way people view your brand

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If you were restarting your communications office today, would it look the same as it did just a few years ago? Probably not. How people consume information is radically different today, and NASA is working to support and drive this initiative to share the space agency’s powerful story with a worldwide audience. In this session we’ll explore what that paradigm-shifting strategy looks like. John Yembrick is the chief of NASA’s new digital communications division, which breaks down previous silos and merges NASA Television, social media and the agency’s website into one office. Through these channels, his mission is “to bring space down to Earth” for everyone, informing a new generation about the wonders of space exploration. Attendees will be inspired to view their own brands through fresh eyes and explore uncharted territory to reach a broad audience through digital communications and storytelling.

Key Highlights:

  • Transform into a digital organization that makes employees think differently about their jobs
  • Break down office walls and persuade employees to work together toward common goals
  • Become a nimble storyteller in the digital world by taking communications directly to the people
  • Coordinate content across multiple locations and platforms
  • Package content to inspire and engage an audience
September 2017

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John Yembrick is NASA’s chief of digital communications and has the privilege to share the most amazing content in the universe. He has over 20 years of experience in communications, and in his current position he has one single goal: Make people care about space exploration. John has helped transform and propel NASA’s communication team into the 21st Century by using emerging technologies to reach new audiences. He is driven by the belief that NASA’s inspiring content can connect with everyone on the planet if presented the right way. He leads NASA’s vast digital communications team across the agency’s 10 field centers and hundreds of projects and programs. He oversees NASA Television,, photo services and the agency’s social media presence, which includes 520+ accounts across 18 different platforms, reaching more than 150 million followers.