Leading by example: Harnessing your executive’s digital presence to engage and inspire

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At Walmart, CEO Doug McMillon believes in keeping his door open to associates and customers alike. Even with transparency in mind, though, having a global audience creates unique challenges when it comes to presenting a consistent and compelling executive voice. Discover how communicators and execs at the top retailer are creating a winning formula to build trust and change the narrative surrounding one of America’s most entrenched brands.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the needs of different stakeholders and tailor executive messages accordingly
  • Break into new social media channels and reach new audiences without sacrificing authenticity
  • Earn more coverage for executives in top digital publications
  • Get buy-in from executives to start using new tools, such as podcasting
  • Create emotional connections with audiences that result in lasting brand loyalty
September 2019

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Blake Jackson Senior director, brand content - Walmart