How a Culture of Open Communication Powers Innovation

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It’s no surprise that Facebook employees bring bold, fearless creativity to work each day. The real surprise though is the driving force behind that employee innovation: a communication approach that’s just as audacious and creative as the Facebook employees. In this special keynote presentation, see firsthand how communication constantly connects employees to senior leaders’ vision for the future of the company--including the founder’s! Plus, you’ll see how internal communications can provoke bold curiosity among employees and encourage employees to shape the future quicker than they thought they ever could.

March 2019

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Victoria Chen Norland is Head of Internal Communications for Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook, where she oversees the internal communications strategy for the organization responsible for Facebook’s $40B+ advertising business. Her team manages the development, execution, and delivery of internal and external communications for front-line sales and partner teams with the goal of developing meaningful connections between people and businesses. In her 7 years at Facebook, Victoria has led a number of internal communications initiatives related to crisis communications, go-to-market messaging for product launches, internal and external events, and leadership and organizational updates. Prior to joining Facebook in 2011, Victoria held business development and sales roles in Travelocity and Tagged.