The battle for truth: Earning trust in the era of fake news

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Today’s volatile information landscape is a headline of its own, raising challenging questions for business and society as a whole. In a time of shifting public expectations, building trust is the No. 1 priority for leaders. Through the lens of the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer findings, Ben Boyd will explore these issues and provide a road map to navigate a world of distrust.

Key Highlights:

  • Why must leadership go beyond the business?
  • When should businesses speak up on key issues?
  • What steps must business leaders take to build trust?
  • How can businesses maximize voices across the organization?
  • What role do businesses play in informing the public?
September 2018

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Ben Boyd is Chief Client Strategy Officer at Edelman, where he oversees the firm’s client experience program. In this capacity, he serves as a counselor to C-suite executives and partners with Edelman’s global client teams on a number of Fortune 500 companies – including HP, Johnson & Johnson, Shell and The Home Depot.