Using Videos for Storytelling and Beyond While People #StayAtHome

Your organization’s digital campaigns and content can take many forms, but videos can strengthen your stories, highlight emotions and increase empathy, and expand your reach across social media platforms. Especially during COVID-19 and while people isolate, videos can provide crucial touchpoints for your organizations and its information. Sabrena Pringle, Director of External Communications & Public Relations at American Diabetes Association, will show you how the organization has used video storytelling to effectively reach audiences and help them retain information, along with ways you can do the same without busting your budget. 

You’ll learn: 

  • How to repurpose video content across audiences and platforms
  • Ways to relay consistent messages while catering to different stakeholder behaviors
  • Tips for storytelling through video in ways that resonate 
  • Sabrena Pringle
    Director of External Communications & Public Relations
    American Diabetes Association