Using Thought Leadership and Executive Communications to Combat Misinformation, Protect the Reputation of Leadership and Advocate for Your Organization

If there’s one thing audiences look for in a time of crisis, it’s strong leaders. For nonprofit organizations, this is especially important—leaders and executives are expected to be fierce champions for their cause. Without a strong message and presence from them, you could easily lose the trust of your most critical stakeholders or fall prey to backlash from the public. Discover how to establish your organization’s leaders as trusted advocates in your industry and to those you serve.

Learn how to:

  • Position your organization as a trusted resource for accurate and helpful information during the pandemic
  • Emphasize transparency in your executive communications to keep your brand reputation strong
  • Take a genuine and strong stance on issues of racial and social justice that impact your cause and mission
  • Infuse your messages from leadership with empathy and humanity to connect executive directors more deeply to employees, donors, community members, social media followers and more
  • Leverage all your organization’s subject matter experts for your thought leadership efforts—not just top executives.
  • Jono Smith
    Brand Communications and Digital Director
    Make-A-Wish America
  • Rachel Clemens
    Digital Strategist
    Whole Whale