Using digital tools, channels and strategies to boost employee communications

Your employees are a crucial element of your organization, its culture and communications efforts, so sharing news, announcements and other messages with them should be more than dumping your messages onto an intranet channel or in an email. Liz Freeman, head of employee communications for Expedia Group, has worked to establish the company’s rebrand, aligning and exciting thousands of global employees around a new vision and purpose. In this session, she’ll share how doing so is possible by focusing on workers and looking through a consumer lens to deliver messages that resonate and build loyalty.

Key Highlights:

  • How to best reach employees across your organization, including non-desk and remote workers
  • Best practices that can help you effectively communicate organizational changes along with your mission and vision
  • Ways to use livestreaming to boost executive communications
  • How to apply the “cat video” test to internal content and intranet efforts
  • Takeaways for effectively instilling your brand identify and voice into employee communications—while still touting transparency and culture
  • Liz Freeman
    Head of employee communications
    Expedia Group