Use Video to Reach, Engage and Inform Employees During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

With many employees working remotely, video has never been a more crucial tool for relaying timely information and keeping engagement steady—and you don’t need a huge budget or expensive equipment to produce them effectively. Let Marcus Drew Steele from Ragan Consulting Group show you techniques to put together engaging videos, along with case studies from brands who have responded to the COVID-19 outbreak with compelling video communications.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine if video is the right channel for your message
  • Think beyond the “talking head” with graphics, animations and more
  • Trim your videos to be consumable in one sitting—especially when attention spans are waning by the day
  • Choose easy-to-shoot video formats that inform and inspire your workforce when you don’t have fancy video equipment
  • Use videos to forge emotional connections between leaders and employees
  • Find ways to expedite the production process to get information out quickly in the current crisis
  • Borrow tactics from videos created by top organizations in response to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Marcus Steele
    Senior Producer and Project Manager
    Ragan Consulting Group