Use Purpose-Driven Communications and Strategic Partnerships to Deliver Greater Impact with CSR and ESG Programs

Today’s organizations are expected to have more than just a mission—employees and customers demand that you serve a purpose in the community, especially in a time of social and political unrest. One-off campaigns and empty promises won’t cut it either—and they could cost you employees and customers. Strategic communications are critical to showing audiences your commitment is genuine. Join us for a discussion on how you can tie communications around CSR and ESG initiatives to your brand’s purpose and work with the right stakeholders to improve outcomes.

Learn how to:

  • Define your brand purpose clearly to employees and recruits through strong narratives
  • Create CSR campaigns that employees will feel proud to participate in—and that strengthen your employer brand in a global talent landscape
  • Put together CSR and ESG reports that show your organization’s authentic commitment to your community
  • Work with external stakeholders across the nonprofit and corporate sectors to strengthen the impact of your programs
  • Unite your workforce around your purpose at a time of significant political change and divisiveness
  • Roanne Argyle
    Senior Vice President
    Argyle PR