Use Employee Apps and Strong Leader Communications To Engage Employees and Promote Wellness

With 70% of their employees not working at a desk, Love’s Travel Stops understood that managers were one of their most valuable communications channels during the pandemic—but that not every manager was a natural communicator. It was never more important to ensure critical messages were reaching workers and that engagement and wellbeing weren’t falling by the wayside.

Discover how Love’s Travel Stops leveraged their employee app and other channels to give managers and division leaders critical resources and tools to keep employees engaged and updated in this pivotal .

You’ll learn:

  • How to give managers easy, mobile access to the collateral they need to keep employees informed and engaged in a time of rapid change
  • Give managers the guidance they need to engage employees on hot-button social and political issues during a divisive time in history
  • Which data points are most important to track your progress and optimize your approach as you go
  • The right cadence to push updates and content to managers as a crisis situation evolves
  • How to use your employee app and manager communications programs to promote mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Budgetary considerations for the app and other communications-enhancing programs
  • Brandi Wessel
    Internal Communications Manager
    Love's Travel Stops