Unlocking the Power of Your Employer Brand: A Comprehensive Guide

More employees are carefully evaluating their next move in today’s tumultuous labor market. This session outlines how to create a strong employer branding program that puts you back in the driver’s seat. With 20 years of employer brand experience between them, two Microsoft execs will help you level-up your employer branding strategy in this session — so you can attract and retain the best and brightest for your brand in any job market. Join us to explore:

  • Employer branding foundations — from market research to measurement.
  • Understanding perception and employee/candidate needs: Insights into conducting surveys, interviews and focus groups (and how to analyze results to ID success factors).
  • Creating a narrative that endures: Crafting an employer brand that reflects your values and culture — plus how to incorporate authentic employee stories and experiences.
  • Scaling your employer brand and internally and externally across the entire employee life cycle — including ideas for assessing and optimizing your initiatives.
  • Jen Crum
    Director of Marketing and Communications for HR Programs
  • Amy Morris
    Senior Manager of Employee Communications and Employer Brand