Unearth the Spirit of your Brand through Social Storytelling

We all know the power of storytelling. Stories spark emotion. Appeal to our humanity. They connect and engage us. They’re fun to listen to! But between trying to find their social voice, and using storytelling exclusively to humanize their brands, organizations have neglected the essence of their mission and vision, and at times failed to incorporate their brands into their stories. In this session you will learn how to find your brand’s true social voice and build your story on your mission and vision.

Key Highlights:

  • Define the spirit of your brand and make it stand out in a competitive field
  • Use digital-storytelling best practices to influence how people think and feel about your brand
  • Bring your mission and vision to life through storytelling—personality, tone and purpose
  • Write a brand story that reads consistently on ALL social communications
  • Miri Rodriguez
    Senior Storyteller, Author "Brand Storytelling"