Turn Employees into Advocates: Spark Culture with Rituals, Recognition and Social Media

Managers are overworked, employees are disengaged and today’s office culture is in flux. That’s why it’s more important than ever to focus on team building, employee appreciation and engaging employees as advocates. Join for new ways to transform employees from “audience” into corporate culture “ambassadors.” You’ll learn:

  • How to execute your own culture transformation plan and design an engaging culture
  • How to build a meaningful recognition program that boosts both givers and receivers
  • How to spark social media: Ideas to inspire staff to share activities and values online
  • How to build “virality” through timely “calendar moments” like Pride Month, Juneteenth, International Women’s Day, Back to School and more
  • Driven by data: What social media intelligence says about what works (and what doesn’t)
  • When (and how) to tie internal social media to social justice
  • Jennifer E. Heyman
    Head of Social Media Intelligence and Engagement
    Wells Fargo
  • Alex Masters-Goessling
    Senior Director, CX Communications and Employee Enablement
    Electronic Arts