Turn boring topics into great speeches

New job? New client? New corporate strategy or policy issue? Chances are you’ll be expected to write brilliantly about topics that are unfamiliar, complicated and sometimes just boring. You’ll likely be asked to wade through facts and research without a clear indication of exactly what your speaker wants to say. That’s where you dig in and prove your value.

Join a panel of expert speechwriters and executive communicators to learn how to:

Get smart: Read, think and question until you understand

Practice the three D’s: Draft, dissect and defend—and repeat

Punch it up: Use analogies, descriptions and examples

Write like real people talk: Avoid fancy words, jargon, gibberish and acronyms

  • Stacy Carlson
    Executive speechwriter & CEO communicator
    Caterpillar Inc.
  • Christian Nwachukwu Jr.
    Content and communications
    Bloomberg Philanthropies
  • Rob Friedman
    Affiliate consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group