Tune Into the Future: Communications at the Crux of Culture, Policy, Identity and Art

Spotify is uniquely positioned to both create culture and influence the future of music, art and thought leadership. This role spans its relationship with music artists, the entertainment industry and the legislators who govern their future; the podcast ecosystem through which entertainers, educators, pundits and beyond express information and opinion to the public; and consumers’ expression of self and identity through the music and content they listen to on Spotify. In this fireside chat, Dustee Jenkins, Public Affairs Officer at Spotify, will explore:

  • The role brands and communicators play in shaping the future of industries — and influencing policy.
  • The state of the artist and podcaster as a communicator and the dynamic shifts they face with consumers in light of the rise of AI.
  • How communicators and marketers can reach both consumers and internal audiences authentically, and express transparency in aligning company values with external brand expression.
  • How data as identity takes shape through the popularity of services such as Spotify Wrapped and other trends embraced as expressions of self by listeners.
  • Dustee Tucker Jenkins
    Global head of communications and public relations