Transforming Leaders into Storytellers

Impactful thought leadership requires persuasive leaders who are ready to act as brand storytellers at a moment’s notice. In this session, we’ll dive into how communicators can prepare and support executives to become thought leaders by priming them with the talking points and context required to tell brand stories in a distinctly authentic, authoritative voice. We’ll explore:

  • How to determine the right leaders and medium to tell your story
  • Body language considerations for telling your story with poise and style to ensure the message of your story is received
  • Tips for repurposing key leadership soundbites and anecdotes into standalone stories
  • Strategies for infusing your leadership’s lived experiences and personal perspective into stories ghostwritten by others
  • Best outlets to share executive thought leadership, from LinkedIn to podcasts and blogs to mainstream media
  • Cheril Clarke
    Phenomenal Writing
  • Ashley Brown
    Clinical Communications Senior Strategist
    Atrium Health