Top Tech Trends and Business Developments the Media Is Covering in 2022

Stop guessing what communications technology may be hot in 2022—and hear it firsthand from journalists on the beat along with the PR pros who pitch them.  Discover what tech and tech issues the press is focusing on now—plus how to land coverage for your product, service or story this year. You’ll hear:

  • Media hot buttons: Top tech and trends impacting everyone from hot start-ups to legacy brands (including 5G, mobile first, ultrafast delivery, “the creator economy,” productivity tools and more)
  • What’s happening in newsrooms, from “The Big Quit” to remote reporting and what it means to your outreach
  • Pitching tips: How to break through with fresh takes, social shares, subject matter experts, video, original research and more
  • Bonus focus: AI, ransomware and Covid tech—how to assess risk and threats in 2022
  • Scott Campbell
    Editor at Large
  • Jennifer Strong
    Editorial Director, Audio & Live
    MIT Technology Review
  • Kelly Stone
    Senior Director of Digital Strategy
  • Barbara Thau
    Senior Features Editor
    CO — by U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Brian Pittman
    Virtual Events Producer and Moderator
    Ragan Communications