TikTok in a Time of Crisis: Brand Storytelling in a Post-Pandemic World

TikTok attracted over 1 billion users before March. Then it saw an overnight boom as millions more downloaded it to ease their fears during coronavirus social distancing. Translation: Your brand can’t afford to sit this one out if you want to reach GenZ.

Gather your team and join Casey Smith (Kroger), Davitha Ghiassi (Red Havas US) and Evan Horowitz (Movers+Shakers, the agency that broke TikTok records with 4 billion views) to demystify TikTok and download the know-how you need to jump into the fastest growing social media channel today. You’ll learn:

  • Yay, Nay or Maybe? How to determine whether you should activate on TikTok
  • How to tailor your brand story to TikTok in a post-pandemic world
  • A practical “Fuel the Fun” framework: How others are engaging bigger audiences with fun, unique and creative content
  • Technical details: Top TikTok features and trends for 2020
  • Money matters: How brands and organizations drive revenue on TikTok
  • Video bootcamp: The types of videos that garner attention
  • 4 billion views! Viral ideas to steal from TikTok’s biggest campaigns and their creators
  • Casey Smith
    Influencer and Publisher Manager
    The Kroger Co.
  • Evan Horowitz
    Founder and CEO
  • Davitha Ghiassi
    Executive Vice President, Social and Integration
    Red Havas US