Three Ways Mars Boosted Employee Engagement With Yammer – Challenges, Leaders and Analytics

Kimberly Henderson, Digital Workplace Technologies Lead at Mars, will share the journey they’ve been on the last few years and how Yammer has helped their organization feel connected, regardless of where employees are working. You’ll hear examples of inspiring and fun challenges that were hosted, with almost zero budget, with returns of Associate satisfaction and connections. Additionally she’ll share about how measuring success of communities by empowering community managers to have the data at their fingertips. Using scorecards to guide planning and strategy, these community managers can take ownership of the engagement in Yammer. Finally, Kimberly will share best practices for coaching leaders and helping them bridge the conversations between their townhalls and two-way conversations.

  • Learn how Mars encourages senior leaders to use Yammer, including a reverse mentorship model
  • Learn the behaviors and expectations of leaders and members for participating in challenges that encouraged health, wellness, and building connections across the organization
  • Find out the role that data and analytics play in empowering community managers
  • Discover a variety of campaign and challenges that may be adapted to your own organization
  • Kimberly Henderson
    Digital Workplace Technologies Lead