Three Tactics to Inspire Senior Leaders to Be More Involved in DEI Efforts

We are in a pivotal time in history. In the middle of a pandemic, millions of Americans watched George Floyd being mercilessly killed on television. This incident was followed by protests and, eventually, the rise of the Anti-Racism movement. With the “race stigma” now eliminated, many organizations want to step up their DEI approaches. They want to move beyond episodic DEI events, and business resource groups, to efforts initiated and led by senior leaders. So, how can you get senior leaders more involved in your organization’s DEI efforts? In this session you will learn how to:

  • Apply three simple tactics to inspire senior leaders to participate in and lead DEI efforts
  • Move beyond episodic DEI to cultural DEI
  • Respond to dissenting opinions in senior leadership
  • Gain confidence with asking senior leaders to be more involved
  • Articulate a clear, concise and engaging business case for change
  • LaTonya Wilkins
    The Change Coaches LLC