Thought Leadership Success: How to Become a SME Whisperer

Take the trauma out of thought leadership by setting your execs and subject matter experts up for success. In this session you’ll discover how to identify their strengths and personal stories. In this workshop you’ll learn strategies to engage your execs, managers and SMEs as thought leaders, how to develop a content strategy around their thought leadership, and curate content based on their fields of expertise.

  • Practical strategies to create a culture of thought leadership and develop your thought leaders as ambassadors of unique ideas
  • How to craft thought-leadership articles that reinforce organizational goals and spark sales conversations
  • Tips for presenting thought leadership in speaking opportunities such as town halls or panels
  • How to set up a writing program in large companies in a way that budget and scheduling are not hurdles
  • Rhea Wessel
    Author, “Write Like a Thought Leader," Founder
    The Institute for Thought Leadership