Thought Leadership Demystified: Empowering Execs and SMEs with “Story Skills”

Thought leadership isn’t just placing execs and SMEs in the press or at a podium. You must empower these influential voices with a real POV and a story to tell — and then deploy the right mediums to share the perspective and the right metrics to measure the impact. Join to hear how to demonstrate your value using thought leadership content, how economic conditions might influence your approach and how to showcase thought leaders using a system proven to turn ideas into compelling articles, posts or talking points.

You’ll learn:

  • Findings from Edelman’s annual B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report.
  • How a tough economic landscape will shift your approach to thought leadership and how to continue to resonate with decision makers even as budgets shrink.
  • What kind of thought leadership content helps an organization communicate its value and — how to measure the impact.
  • How to create a “Culture of Thought Leadership” at your organization, including PR’s critical role (lessons from Harvard).
  • Ideas for implementing thought leadership programs with little budget — an introduction to a 3-step “story finding” process to elevate your SMEs.
  • Rhea Wessel
    Author, “Write Like a Thought Leader," Founder
    The Institute for Thought Leadership
  • David Whiting
    U.S. Lead, CommsTech Solutions