Think Global, Act Local: Engaging & Communicating with a Dispersed, Diverse and Global Workforce

With a distributed workforce locally or globally, internal communications needs to ensure awareness of culturally appropriate communication and non-verbal business etiquette for different locations and demographics. The pressing issue remains how to formulate centralized communications to support workers wherever they are based. This session will showcase:

  • How to distinguish and develop personas in your company that are not based solely on department, role or location
  • Ways to learn more about your employees through non-work-related informal chats on digital channels and intranets and engage with them
  • Best practices in conducting one-on-one meetings to promote a culture of confidentiality, trust and wellbeing
  • Using smart communication to eliminate email overload and minimize the number of meetings and on-screen interactions
  • How to use employee spotlights in internal communications and on social media to promote an inclusive, fun workplace
  • Amy MacGregor
    VP Employee Experience, Global HR
  • Bessie Kokalis Pescio
    Global Head of Internal Communications
    Philip Morris International