The Watercooler Effect: Boost Morale, Creativity in a Big Way with Virtual Small Talk

The conversations that once flowed around the watercooler or coffee corner are gone. But employee morale doesn’t have to follow suit! Join for practical ways to interact with employees to keep them inspired—and get fun ideas you can implement today. You’ll be surprised to discover how a few small efforts (and small talk) can make a big difference. You’ll learn:

  • What tools work best for keeping your culture active and healthy
  • How to minimize disruption when going virtual (and maximize the investment)
  • How to foster an environment of collaboration and creativity in person or not
  • Virtual surprise parties, baby showers, scavenger hunts and other fun activities to inspire your own watercooler moments using tools like Teams, Zoom and Yammer
  • Jennifer Spantak
    Sr. Manager, Employee Experience & Engagement, Human Resource Services