The Virtual Guide to Corporate Video: Video Storytelling: Fundamentals of irresistible video

What they say in the business: A movie is a story in pictures.

Tell a story in compelling images to keep your audience engaged.

Drew Keller shows you how. He answers the three questions you need to cover before you begin production.

He’ll help you answer the big questions. For example: Does video make good business sense for your organization? Do you know how to make video choices that boost your bottom line?

You’ll leave knowing the answers to the three questions you must ask before you shoot one frame.

Key Takeaways:

  • Succeed through preproduction planning
  • Use simple guidelines to tell a story
  • Get over the anxiety of starting your script
  • Figure out the right length of your video (shorter, please)
  • Measure how much employees engaged with your story
  • Use keywords that bring people to your video
  • Structure a powerful narrative line
  • Frame your interview in the viewfinder
  • Use conflict and resolution to build interest

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  • Drew Keller
    Content developer