The Trust Trifecta: Telling Your DE&I, ESG and Purpose-Driven Stories

The public, press and investors are demanding greater transparency and accountability — on everything from your social and environmental impact to your commitment to DE&I. Join for a plan to deliver on these expectations by taking control of your narrative (and shortening your annual reports into digestible stories) and ensuring that your purpose-driven journey is accurately and authentically conveyed.

You’ll learn:

  • The building blocks of a corporate reputation program grounded in values. 
  • How to assess where you are on your org’s ESG and DE&I journeys. 
  • How to communicate your purpose and impact with authenticity and credibility.
  • Understanding how and when to engage on social issues to drive trust, loyalty and reputation.
  • Winning strategies, angles and pitches to position your purpose-driven programs and wins to receptive outlets.
  • Issues to consider when tapping employees as brand ambassadors to help spread the good news.
  • Lawrence J. Parnell
    Associate professor and program director, masters in strategic public relations
    George Washington University
  • Samantha Wannemacher
    Senior Manager of Global Communications and Talent
    The North Face
  • Sara Fletcher
    Communications and Public Affairs Director
  • Ben Cumming
    Communications Director
    Responsible Business Initiative for Justice