The Top Trends Health Care Communicators Need To Know Today To Be Successful Tomorrow

The past year has tested the health care industry like no other—and led to massive changes that are likely to last long after the pandemic. Are you ready to adapt your communication strategies in response to these major events? Join us for a discussion on the changes we’ll likely see down the road.

You’ll learn:

  • How the growth of telemedicine and changes in access to healthcare services is impacting patients, customers and communities
  • How to address continued shortages of PPE and advocate for physicians and employees
  • How Walgreens is crafting communications  around their path to administering a  COVID-19 vaccine
  • How changes in public trust for the government, media and other institutions could affect the healthcare industry in the next months and years
  • Kelli Teno
    Director, Pharmacy and Healthcare Services Communications
  • Josh Zembik
    Director of Media
    American Medical Association