The State of Trust: Influence and storytelling in the age of skepticism

Learn how to promote and protect your brand, reputation and business in an era of continual digital disruption and declining trust. You’ll leave with lessons from the most visible communications and marketing agendas of the last 18 months. You’ll discover how analytics, audience engagement and new expectations affect areas such as media relations, content development and social media customer service. What will you do the next time you face a high-stakes reputational risk quandary? The answers start here.

Key Highlights:

  • Lessons from Disney’s being named the “most authentic brad” (Cohn & Wolfe)
  • Inversions in trust and influence and the systems through which they travel
  • How online issues spark brushfires that can escalate to raging wildfires
  • The evolving interrelation between news and social media reporting, be it fake or real
  • How to know who your true audience is—and what it needs from you in today’s polarized environment
  • How to use social media channels to engender understanding—and even trust—in the face of skepticism