The Role of the Communicator

Atlanta-based academic healthcare institution Emory University implemented a unique solution to supporting the wellbeing of its 35,000 healthcare and health sciences employees. It created the Office of Well-Being, led by two Co-Chief Well-Being Officers. Through this department, the organization provides frontline workers — and thousands more across its many departments — with vital news, resources and opportunities for connection, as well as advocates for system changes that support the wellbeing of their people and teams. In this session, attendees will take a deep dive into:

  • Overcoming the challenges of connecting and communicating with frontline workers through a blend of in-person huddles, information gathering and digital channels.
  • How to look at communications through the lens of wellbeing, ensuring its principles are folded into overall messaging irrespective of topic or purpose.
  • Systematized communications across large organizations and approaching challenges as a united front while ensuring efficiency and empathy at every level.
  • Krystyna Morgan, MPH
    Director at WHSC Office of Well-Being
    Emory University & Healthcare