The Rise of Workplace Wellness

2020 was a time of urgency and innovation in workplace wellness. This fast-growth industry’s longstanding focus on softer benefits shifted last year to a much broader array of initiatives that touch on employees’ mental, physical, financial and social health. Hear how this new approach to well-being has changed the workplace forever, how it produces vital ROI, and why and how your organization needs to adapt.

You’ll learn:

  • A contextual overview of the industry and its growth
  • The critical takeaways from 2020 that you need to take into 2021 and beyond
  • Defining and prioritizing your role as HR, comms and Wellness professionals
  • Carrie Altieri
    Vice President, Strategy and Communications, COVID 19
  • Licy Do Canto
    Managing Director, Washington, D.C.
    APCO Worldwide