The Right Tool for a Hard Job: How a Decision-Making Framework Can Help Comms Navigate Difficult Choices

In a sometimes seemingly endless pattern of tragic events happening all over the world, internal communicators are tasked with finding the right words to let their employees know that the company not only cares but is actively working to become part of the solution. In this session, Kevin Berchou, Head of Internal Communications at M&T Bank in Buffalo, will share how his team deployed a dependable decision-making framework for having sensitive conversations when the Tops supermarket shooting happened in the bank’s backyard.

You’ll learn: 

  • What M&T Bank’s communications team learned in its response to the Buffalo shooting
  • How to understand when current events are relevant to your company’s mission and merit a response
  • Strategies for designing a decision-making framework that can guide internal conversations in emotionally charged moments
  • Takeaways for how to determine and communicate an appropriate plan and cadence for community outreach
  • Kevin Berchou
    Head of Internal Communications
    M&T Bank