The Poet’s Process: Harnessing Your Artistic Side for More Creative Copy

Everybody is creative, but not everybody knows it. Close out the day’s intensive writing training with a refreshing, inspiring look at how to unleash your inner creator, unlock your imagination and take your writing to the next level. You’ll experience what poetry teaches us about persuasion and how to translate that to your next assignment. You’ll learn:

  • Step 1: Open Heart – Breaking limiting modalities of thinking to unearth truths
    that translate to more emotive writing (it can be scary—but we’ll do it together)
  • Step 2: Open Mind – Brainstorming solo or in team settings to loosen up,
    access your creativity and get to the best ideas faster
  • Step 3: Visual Thinking – Painting pictures with words to ignite imagination
  • Step 4: Finding Story – Stepping back from any writing project to find dramatic throughlines that move audiences
  • Step 5: The Critic – How to benefit from self-testing, critique and feedback
  • Bonus Case Study: Lessons in turning (boring) research into riveting stories
  • Keisha-Gaye Anderson
    Poet / Author / Communications Strategist