The Podium and Beyond: Deliver TED-Like Talks that Turn Ideas into Action

In today’s fast-paced world of internal communications, leaders are constantly juggling presentations, AMAs and town halls to disseminate key messages and drive initiatives. The challenge lies in delivering these talks with an authentic voice that resonates across all channels. Join us for an exciting session where we delve into the secrets of crafting compelling TED-style Talks that truly captivate your audience and propel ideas into action. You’ll learn:

  • The art and science behind TED Talks and how to apply their formula to your presentations.
  • Storytelling frameworks and tools that leaders, managers and frontline staff can use to supercharge everything from informal talks and AMAs to town halls and beyond.
  • How to uncover strategic approaches to amplify transformative ideas and turn them into tangible actions within your organization.
  • How effective comms plays a key role in leading change and creating a culture of innovation.
  • Inspiring examples of how TED-style talks initiated crucial conversations on diversity at Merck, resulting in an award-winning DEI program.
  • Craig Thomason
    Director of Global Employee and Leadership Communications