The New Watercoolers: Intranets, Town Halls and Collaborative Gathering Spaces

When employees are given an opportunity to meet, network and collaborate with their peers, the result is more productivity, higher job satisfaction and overall business success. With the shift to a dispersed workforce, collaboration has become more difficult. Communicators can help to create the new watercooler effect, empowering employees to connect both in person and virtually. In this session, we’ll uncover:

  • How to craft collaborative meetings, corporate gatherings and town halls that appeal to all and ways to communicate about these events before, during and after in a way that drives ongoing engagement and participation.
  • The formats and models that work best for hybrid, remote and flex workforces.
  • How a mix of on-demand content (videos, podcasts, and articles) and live speaker events can drive employee engagement.
  • Cracking the code: Town halls that achieves strategic goals while also beating Zoom fatigue.
  • Steve Neruda
    Operations Lead, Global Communications
    Motorola Solutions
  • Brittany Hoerdeman
    Senior Manager, Communications and Public Affairs
    W. W. Grainger, Inc
  • Jordan Weathers
    Manager of Communications