The New SEO Ecosystem: Strategies to Integrate SEO, Social Media and Influencer Marketing

You can’t afford to leave SEO to others — as it impacts everything from email marketing to press releases and even social videos. What’s more, it’s a rapidly moving target — with AI radically changing the SEO ecosystem, and influencers increasingly using social media to build new “branded” search. During this deep-dive SEO workshop, you’ll learn the strategic and creative factors you need to become a full-stack digital marketer and level up your content in the integrated era. We’ll discuss:

  • SEO fundamentals: How search engines now assess content quality, essential keyword research steps and tools — and how to map keywords to your social media plan.
  • AI-enabled SEO tools and use cases for B2C, B2B and even nonprofits (and why it’s time to rethink your content strategy).
  • How influencers are building “branded” search — including lessons from TikTok fashion influencer Audrey Peters’ “Polly Pocket Shoe” viral campaign and others.
  • How to use social listening to find your own “polly pocket shoe” moments.
  • How to leverage organic TikTok search to build increased brand awareness and SEO opportunity — plus how to incorporate influencers in a social-as-search strategy.
  • How nonprofits can leverage influencers, celebrities and spokespeople to build a more “Searchable” brand
  • SEO meets social KPIs: How social media impacts SEO and vice versa — plus how to measure both in Google Analytics.
  • Molly Tiedeken Kounga
    Associate Board Co-Chair / Associate Director of Research Management
    Girls on the Run / Merck
  • Rachel Vandernick
    The Vander Group