The New Internal Comms Team: Become More Agile to Navigate Change and Boost Productivity

We’ve all seen how quickly situations can change in today’s world—and that communicators need to be ready to respond and adapt in a moment’s notice. Is your team ready to spring into action when a crisis requires quick thinking and collaboration? Many traditional department structures have rigidly defined roles and strict silos that can prevent you from being agile in times of change. During this fireside chat, you’ll hear an eye-opening case study from a communicator who revamped the way their team approached their duties to move the needle in a critical time.

Learn how to

  • Rotate content creation duties in a way that allows everyone to balance their schedules and shift focus during times of crisis
  • Document processes for sharing updates and posting to channels so that tasks can be easily transferred between team members in case of unforeseen circumstances
  • Share knowledge and align strategies with other departments like HR and PR in order to pivot your approaches quickly during times of organization change
  • Reassess your team structure to be better suited for crisis situations where changes need to be implemented quickly
  • Brandonne Rankin
    Senior Internal Communications Manager
  • Molli Jordan
    Deputy Head of Global Employee Communication