The New Face of Employee Advocacy: Making Your Organization’s Values Meaningful to Your Workforce

Effective communications starts within your organization, by proactively connecting leadership to your workforce while nurturing a culture that increases loyalty and encourages your workforce to share your brand’s story. As we work today with so many global and cultural disruptions, internal communicators must simplify their messages while still keeping both engagement and morale high. Heather Shaw, a manager in the Strategic Communications practice at Deloitte, will share ways to you can help the workforce to understand that they are critical during this time of disruption and that their voice and insights are meaningful to leadership, and how these insights fit into your organization’s vision, values and priorities moving forward.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to increase engagement and keep your workforce up to date, informed and empowered during times of change and disruption
  • Ideas for connecting your workforce to your organization’s mission and translating values into meaningful opportunities for impact
  • Ways to create engaging messages to remote and hybrid workforces
  • Heather Shaw
    Manager of Strategic Communications