The new employer/employee contract and the impact of COVID-19 on culture

As trust in media, government and other institutions erodes, people are turning in a different direction toward a place where they stand a better chance of having some influence: their relationship with their employer.

This is especially true during the public health crisis created by COVID-19, and the ensuing economic and political fallout.

Discover how the statistics found in this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer can inform internal communicators in maintaining employee trust and hear firsthand how the crisis could affect the future of corporate culture.

You’ll learn:

  • Why strong leadership communication is crucial to culture—and how executives can better connect with employees
  • How to earn the trust of employees during times of crisis
  • Unexpected changes in what employees are looking for from employers
  • How top organizations are responding to new employee sentiments
  • How culture will shift in the upcoming months and years

  • Jonathan Jordan
    Senior Vice President, Employee Experience & Business Transformation