The New Elements of a Successful Workplace Wellness Program (and Where Comms Fits In)

Workplace wellness has become a mission-critical part of the benefits package. It’s essential for retention and recruitment in addition to productivity and culture. But DE&I, mental health, financial well-being, remote-work programs cost money and require support and engagement. Hear how to sustain C-suite support and effectively engage the workforce. Learn how to:

  • Show proof of concept examples to finance and executive leaders
  • Create a framework for the C-suite for assessing ROI
  • Set goals based on an accurate assessment of employee well-being needs and priorities
  • Motivate workers who are unengaged
  • Integrate HR and communications to maximize awareness and enrollment
  • Build a cross-discipline approach involving HR, finance and comms
  • Measure program results with the right criteria for your organization
  • Lauren Papasidero
    Cross-Carline & Technology Marketing Specialist
  • Gabrielle T. Romasanta
    Global Health Advisor & Communications Lead
  • Anita Barbero
    Health Coach and Wellness Coordinator