The New Digital Workplace: How to Use Your Intranet to Offer Compelling, On-Demand Employee Content

Outdated and clunky intranets filled with irrelevant documents will no longer cut it, and a crisis like the pandemic and ongoing WFH challenges aren’t acceptable excuses for failing to innovate where necessary. During this session, we’ll look at examples of personalized, mobile employee hubs that are easy to update and access at times where information needs to be instant. 

From these intranet tours, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Create an effective crisis communications hub and rapid response center so that employees can access up-to-date information quickly 
  • Feature stories that are timely and relevant to the current state of the world—and reinforce your organization values 
  • Offer personalized, mobile content to employees based on their needs during the pandemic and beyond 
  • Revamp your intranet even on a tight budget 
  • Kevin Cockett
    Vice President of Communications and Chief Communications Officer
    Kamehameha Schools