The Multichannel Approach to the Workplace

The hybrid workplace model is here to stay … along with full remote, flex work, in-office and abridged workweeks. In this session, we’ll look at the challenges a dispersed workforce poses to communications professionals, and the strategies we can take to connect with workers, regardless of their location.

We’ll discuss:

  • Strategies to engage every employee and close the distance gap, companywide and peer to peer.
  • Connecting through non-work-related informal chats on digital channels and the intranet.
  • Considerations for team engagement for maximum impact during asynchronous hours.
  • Plus: What recent research says about the 4-day work week and why it matters.
  • Janine Narvali
    Head of Business Development
  • Colleen Wilcox
    Communications Director
    University of Notre Dame