The Modern Social Crisis Manager

After figuring out how to work with your brand voice, your social team must understand its place in your organization’s larger crises management strategy with a monitoring plan that starts with listening and moves responses up the org chart as needed. In this session, we’ll explore how social media practitioners can craft crisis responses that work within the company’s larger framework to turn down the temperature and deepen customer trust.

You’ll learn:

  • Scenario training tips for using social media dashboards to identify emerging issues
  • How to design and deploy a social listening strategy on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and beyond
  • Strategies for crafting social holding statements from pre-approved language
  • Tactics for measuring your social monitoring efforts as part of a larger crisis plan
  • Elizabeth Solomon
  • Mary Beth Levin
    Manager of Social Media Strategy and Analytics
    United States Postal Service
  • Leslie Douglas
    Global Head of Social Media